Over at the Washington Post, I was reading a sometime spy novelist, David Ignatius, reporting from Ukraine on coordinated battlefield use of all sorts of data, including fresh remote sensing. All those satellites. This very sophisticated work, done with lots of input from NATO, reminded me of the astonishing British decoding efforts during World War II. I suspect that Alan Turing would be delighted at today's massive, quick, and smart use of data. Russia? I suspect their best and brightest are nowhere to be seen, least of all with the army. Or Wagner.

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Hello, I was wondering if you could help me find a reference for a quote that has been attributed to you. I was working on improving the Wikipedia page for the OPB podcast entitled "Timber Wars" and noticed that various podcast applications claim that you said "Listeners are left with both an appreciation of the magnificence of old growth forests and the toll paid by logging communities when those forests were protected. Environmentalists and loggers don't agree on much, but I think they will concur that 'Timber Wars' is fair and brilliant journalism." However, I am unable to locate where or when you wrote this. Do you have any ideas what happened to the source? You can contact me at temporaryemailaddress55@gmail.com or you could add the source to the Wikipedia page yourself.

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Hello, Mr. Kristof,

I am a journalist from the Czech Republic and last year I wrote to you about some of my findings on the pornography industry. This year I am on sabbatical and I am trying to talk to people and journalists about the media. I've followed your journey into politics and now I'm reading your work on Substack.

I have a blog for journalists and people around the media called mimoagendu.cz. On the blog I try to publish reflections on the changing world of media. Writing articles and reflections on these topics help me study and understand the changes that are coming because of new technologies.

Could I ask for your email address and send you some questions on how you perceived your departure from journalism into politics? In the Czech Republic we have little experience with this. Personally, I'm also interested in whether it was difficult for you to leave journalism, because I believe it was an important profession for you.

Thank you in advance for your reply and I wish you the best of luck.


( My email adress is j.zelenka@protonmail.com )

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